'From The Elusive' - a duo exhibition with work by Jochem Esser and Lisette Schumacher

until 29 Sep

Hybrid art: Willem Jonkers and season opening party

until 30 Sep

‘In search of a sense of scale’ - Gerco de Ruijter photographs and film

until 6 Oct

‘Imaginary Perspectives’ - Ruben Dario Kleimeer - photography / installation

until 10 Oct

North gallery: Lars Morell - solo show

until 13 Oct

South gallery: ‘Digital Distortions’ - Jakup Auce by John Gillis

until 13 Oct

‘Hearsay’ - Lieven Hendriks - solo show

until 13 Oct

‘Unfaded’ - Lizan Freijzen and Pim Palsgraaf - duo show

until 21 Oct

An exhibition of collaborative works by Rossella Biscotti and Kevin van Braak

until 4 Nov

‘The Brutality of Fact, Parts I, II & III’ - Tudor Bratu - solo show

until 17 Nov

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