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PHOEBUS Rotterdam

Eendrachtsweg 61 3012 LG Rotterdam
Thu - Sun 12.30 - 17.30

until 3 Mar
Main gallery: ‘RAISE | LOWER | INTER’ - Thomas I’Anson, Cathérine Lommé
Project room: ‘Memory Collectors’ - Juliette Warmenhoven
10 Mar - 10 May
Main gallery: Daniel Dutrieux, Bernard Villers, Eva-Maria Schön, Barbara Helmer
Project room: Maria Müller
Tekeningenkabinet: Esther Bruggink
until 14 Apr
Ladekastproject: Lenny Schröder, Gilbert van Drunen, Jean-Marc Spaans, Diederik Klomberg, Elize Lutz, René Eicke, Pia Sprong, Laurien Dumbar
19 May - 7 Jul
‘Into Your Hands’ - Esther Bruggink solo show
Garden and Project room: Text works by Simon Benson, Célio Braga, Toon van Borm
Ladekastproject: Susanne Schmitt, Rolf Den Dunnen, Mark Cloet, Pia Sprong, René Eicke, Gilbert van Drunen, Pierre Martens, Johannes Steendam, Gert-Jan Prins
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