7 Jun | Wed | 20.15-23.30
Off Screen X Studio Art Office: In this third edition in which ART OFFICE and Off Screen join forces a great selection has been made of films that were made with a contribution from CBK Rotterdam. This time with new work by Sara Rajaei, Daniel Tuomey, Mirjam Somers, Daniela de Paulus and Tess Martin. The artists will be in conversation with Petra Laaper and Luca Tichelman. All films are subtitled, interviews are in English.
8 Jun | Thu | 14.30–00.00
Design Day: Join us as we welcome contemporary makers, design practitioners and archivists to share innovative projects and conversations on the field of (Dutch) design and design heritage.
8 Jun | Thu | 19.00–20.00
Guided Tour
Thursday Night Detour with Bas
8 Jun | Thu | 21.00
Every Thrusday evening at 21.00 a new artwork from various disiplines is exhibited. This week: Wissel: 1131: Artbutchers presents Frederike Kamerbeek
8 Jun | Thu | 18.00
Garage Cafe #2.2 will open its doors again on the 8th of June for 5 presentations and performances of 10 minutes, with food, drinks, and time to discuss. Garage Cafe is a test-site-with-audience for experimenting, showing research projects, new collaborations, performances and all other types of artistic work. Speakers: Cemre Kara, Ali Rıza, Atakan Gür and Metincan Güzel, Blise Orr, Ciska Mei & Alma Kim.
9 Jun | Fri | 17.00-20.00
'The Cuban Connection' - Riera Studios X Atelier Herenplaats – Artists from Riera Studios, Havana, Cuba show their art work together with three Herenplaats artists. Cuban artists: Arturo Larrea Cardenas, Carlos Javier García Huergos, Denisyan Masa Tamayo, Josvedy Jove Junco, Lazaro Antonio Martinez Duran, Luis Antonio Montes de Oca Bernal, Miguel Ramón Morales Díaz and Yainara Garcia Rousseaux. Many of these artists are exhibiting in the Netherlands for the first time. The Galerie Atelier Herenplaats also features works by Niels Lagerwaard, Coen Ringeling and Ronald Schriel.
9 Jun | Fri | 18.00–20.00
Opening of the Summer exhibitions: 'The Fables of Sanbras' by artist Kelly Sinnapah Mary, curated by Sour Grass; and Ooze by artist Lucy Beech. Second floor: project 'not / to be / governed like that / by that' by artist Falke Pisano.
10 Jun | Sat | 15.00–19.00
Tandem Duo Exhibition: ‘Light and Space’ – David Dimichele (L.A., USA) // ‘How long has that been a problem?’ – Alban Karsten (Amsterdam, NL)
11 Jun | Sun | 14.00–16.00
Artist Talks
FOCUS: Falke Pisano, Kelly Sinnapah Mary with Chris Cyrille, Andil Gosine, and Sour Grass. Join our summer season of exhibition openings with a FOCUS program delving into the exhibition The Fables of Sanbras, with new work by Guadeloupean artist Kelly Sinnapah Mary and Rotterdam-based artist Falke Pisano titled not / to be / governed like that / by that. Joined by guests Chris Cyrille, Andil Gosine and Sour Grass.
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