‘Lost In Thought’ - Saïd Kinos

until 5 Oct

Project Room:'Etats de Lieux' - Mark Cloet

until 6 Oct

‘Botanical Mimicry’ - Yvonne van de Griendt

until 6 Oct

Marc Raven - works with oil, pigments and alkyd

until 6 Oct

’N’ - Jan ten Have (NL) and Devon Sullivan (USA) - duo exhibition - porcelain, ceramics and glass

until 12 Oct

‘Manic Patterns’ - group exhibition curated by Thimo te Duits

until 12 Oct

'Ook, ik, ben dood' - Just Quist /'Imperfect Butterflies' - Yannick Val Gesto

until 12 Oct

‘Uomo Selvatico / Wild Man’ - Caroline Coolen

until 20 Oct

Eugène Brands and Armando

until 25 Oct

'Rome 1969, a hommage to Italian neo-realism' - John Pepper

until 26 Oct

'Out of place' - Bas Losekoot

until 27 Oct

'From Outside Or From Within But From Another Angle' - group show

until 9 Nov

Klaas Gubbels 85 years!

until end Dec

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