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Christian Ouwens Gallery

Eendrachtsweg 20 3012 LB Rotterdam
Thu - Sat 11.00 - 17.00
and by appointment

throughout 2020
Christian Ouwens Gallery is presenting a unique programme including publications, editions, exhibitions and presentations in the field of contemporary art, (Dutch) design and poetry. The gallery supports research and experimentation with a program open to collaboration, with the aim of creating new synergies between artists, collectors, curators and the public. For the current agenda visit our new website.
11- 20 Dec
Wild Animals, new series 'Bench Players'
A selection of failed and unusual animals translated into tapestries and hand-tufted rugs. Wild Animals goes to Rotterdam where these new works will be presented alongside a selection of original paintings from the Rop van Mierlo archive. Rop van Mierlo will be present every day. We look forward to meeting you all in Rotterdam!
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