Rob ’t Hart - curated by Marieke van der Lippe

until 23 Jan

‘Forever Rotterdam’ - Daniël van de Ven - photography

until 26 Jan

Milena Bonilla - solo show/ ‘Mycelium as Lingua Franca’ - group show

until 26 Jan

Exhibition of the Collective "004"

until 30 Jan

‘Composition 54’ - Roland Aalbers

until 1 Feb

'Shifting Tides' - Jan Kuhlemeier - solo show

until 8 Feb

‘On the Surface of Color’ - Esmee Seebregts - solo exhibition

9 Feb

‘A blue cloud entering the frame’ - Marilou van Lierop

until 15 Feb

‘the Straw of Conspiracy’ - Céline Pannetier / ‘Inmortal’ - Eliaz Dassa

until 15 Feb

‘A Half Truth is a Whole Lie’ - Saïd Kinos

until 16 Feb

‘City Lust in 3D’ - Charlie Koolhaas

until 23 Feb

‘Couturissime’ - Thierry Mugler

until 8 Mar

‘Highlighting Skin’ - Michael Kirkham / Ina van Zyl

until 5 Apr

‘The Hoodie’ - exhibition and extensive activity programme

until 12 Apr

Alia Farid, a solo exhibition

until 19 Apr

Adriano Amaral, a solo exhibition

until 19 Apr

Group exhibition - explores the immigration of form

until 19 Jul

Higher! Higher! Lower. Lower. Louder! Louder! Softer, Softer

until Jul

Radio JUJU Streaming | BRUD and guests


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