iCOON_Hoek van Holland

Badweg 1b, 3151 HA Hoek van Holland
During exhibitions Fri-Sun: 12.00 - 17.00
and by appointment.

2-24 Sep
SUBLIEME MINIMALE VORMTAAL – exhibition featuring artists, designers and other performers. Very often live on location. As a visitor, just watching is actually not possible.

FINAL WEEKEND: 23 & 24 September, 11.00–18.00:
Programme: Installing a drawing around Eddy Stikkelorum | Performance light & shapes by studio KENN + SK | Artist talk Studio Verbaan (at 14.00) | Installing photographer Alida van Gool, next to other artists / designers on show.

Claiming space by Lucas Hardonk | Minimal excellence by Eric Lugtigheid | Workshop searching for the sublime by Vanessa Obinu | Investigating timpact nature on design by Ruben van der Scheer, next to other artists / designers on show. Dayticket €7,50, Weekendticket €10.
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