'No You Won't Be Naming No Buildings after Me' - group exhibition

until 22 Sep

‘Dresden in Farbe’ - Otto Snoek in collaboration with CBK R’dam

until 11 Oct

‘A Journey to the Homeland’ - Katharine Cooper

until 13 Oct

‘What if Women Ruled the World?’ - group show curated by Imke Ruigrok

until 3 Nov

'I’m your Mirror’ - Joana Vasconcelos

until 17 Nov

Cecilia Vicuña - a retrospective > read review

until 24 Nov

On Melly Shum

until 5 Jan

Alejandro Cesarco, a solo exhibition

until 5 Jan

Rossella Biscotti, new work

until 5 Jan

‘Joost Swarte Everywhere’ - a homage to fifty years of drawing.

until 12 Jan

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