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Museumpark 25, 3015 CB Rotterdam
Tue - Sun 11.00 - 17.00
Thu 11.00 - 21.00

Sonneveld House Jongkindstraat 12, 3015CG

until 7 Jul’24
‘Designing the Social’ - 100 years of idiosyncratic living in the Netherlands
until 10 Sep
‘Workwear’ – Discover the story of workwear at the Nieuwe Instituut
until 22 Oct
Water City Rotterdam. By Kunlé Adeyemi– A collaboration between the Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam and architect Kunlé Adeyemi's Amsterdam-based firm NLÉ, providing a platform for the diverse ways designers respond locally to the global climate problem.
until 27 Aug
'Archives at Risk' – a closer look at designer archives.
until 27 Aug
'Droog30'– an installation about one of the most talked-about of all design labels.
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