This side agenda shows events and exhibitions that CBK R’dam supports and/or organizes. More info at cbkrotterdam.nl. Info about individual projects by Rotterdam artists at artoffice.info/agenda
until 22 Oct | 24/7
SHOW BOX#38 – Zaagmolenbrug, Kees Westervelt
until 13 Nov | 24/7
SHOW BOX#39 – Parksluizen, Parksluizen (Westzeedijk 375) – Marjolein Witte
until 12 Sep
Publiciteit is a public art project by Publication Studio Rotterdam featuring Ilke Gers, Egbert Alejandro Martina and Falke Pisano. In their different ways, each of the newly commissioned works consider the politics and possibilities of publishing in public space. The works will be accompanied by a citywide poster campaign, a website and a video tour guided by Toon Fibbe, making the project viewable at all hours of the day.
10 Oct, 12.00 - 17.00 (moved to 17 Oct)
Waterworks is a long-term residency programme in which 6 artists in succession conduct research into our relationship with water. Artists: Maurice Meewisse, Elen Braga, Maud van den Beuken, Josje Hattink and Victor Santamarina. buitenplaatsbrienenoord.nl/waterwerken
from August
Rotterdam rapper and word artist Breyten Muskiet (1978 - 2004), also known as HELDERHEID (Heroic). He was an example for young people and a symbol of positivism. Part of BKOR
15 & 29 Sep, 13 & 27 Oct 10 & 24 Nov
Conversas are informal bi-weekly meetings where we get to know and discuss projects and interests. Each time three projects. Everyone is welcome. Free entrance.
every Friday, 21.00
The Kunstblock institutions invite artists, curators, and participants to talk about contemporary art and culture. Tune in, Friday night on Radio WORM and online!
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