De Aanschouw
De Aanschouw

Witte de Withstraat 80 3012 BT
Open 24/7

every Thursday
De Aanschouw is a project unique to Rotterdam which opened on the 6th of June 2001. It is a small display window next to the cafe’ De Schouw. Every Thrusday evening at 21.00 a new artwork from various disiplines is exhibited. For more info on schedule see website.
20 Feb - 27 Feb
Anuli Croon - curated by Daan den Houter
27 Feb - 5 Mar
Robert Schuurmans Stekhoven - curated by De Aanschouw
5 Mar - 12 Mar
Steven Jouwersma curated by Maurice Meewisse
12 Mar - 19 Mar
Marjolein Witte curated by Jessica Skowroneck
19 Mar - 26 Mar
Jessica Skowroneck curated by Marjolein Witte
26 Mar - 2 Apr
Gerben Hermanus curated by De Aanschouw
2 Apr - 9 Apr
Bjorn Pauwels curated by Daan den Houter
9 Apr - 16 Apr
Katinka van Gorkum curated by Maurice Meewisse
after 9 Apr
Due to Covid-19 there will be no public openings on Thursday. The art works will be switched at various times.
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