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Schietbaanstraat 21, 3014 ZV Rotterdam
Thu–Sat 13.00–18.00

until 9 Sep
Office for Metropolitan Investigation: The Post 65 files. OMI turns into ‘Office for Metropolitan Investigation’, to explore the controversial buildings from the period between 1965-1990. What were the original ideas and what is happening with these big buildings in Rotterdam nowadays: renovation, transformation or demolition? Take a seat behind the desk and start your investigation at OMI.
6 Oct
Talk at OMI with photographer Hans Wilschut and graphic designer Hans Gremmen about the new book Beirut Epi-Centre Ville
2 Nov–23 Dec
‘Radical Architecture for the End of the World’ – Artist Kees van Leeuwen is fascinated by Cold War bunkers. At OMI he presents an spatial installation that explores their design, social-cultural circumstances and position in architecture history.
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