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AVL Mundo

Keileweg 18, 3029 BS
Exhibition: Fri - Sun 12.30 - 17.30
Sculpture Garden: Mon - Fri 9.00 - 17.00

8 - 22 Sep
‘Secret Society’ - group exhibition Artists: Joost Benthem, Vincent Ceraudo, Gaëlle Choisne, Paul Geelen, Carlijn Kingma, Chaim van Luit, David Maroto, Anthony Nestel, Jennifer Rubell, Rustan Söderling, Joop Schafthuizen and others. Free guided tours: every Saturday at 14.00. Free entry.
7 Sep - 20 Dec
Sculpture Garden - open air exhibition at the sculpture garden with sculptures by Atelier Van Lieshout. Free entry.
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