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Mathenesserweg 128a
3026 HK, Rotterdam
daily from 12.00 - 00.00
and by appointment

22 Oct - 15 Jan'21
SHOWBOX # 25 EDWIN JANS / ROB VIS - Marconiplein 1
Artists Edwin Jans and Rob Vis collaborated on a site specific installation. The work represents a combination of a construction and archeology site, which shows the passing of time in still existing, fading and removed elements. In this collaboration the artists combine their shared interest in the traces people leave behind in their environment.
22 Oct - 17 Jan'21
Rotterdam based artist Onno Poiesz presents the installation ‘Up side down’, which he created in collaboration with emerging artist Wouter van der Giessen. The work was created for the central station of Breda where it was presented in 2019. As part of Mesh’s SHOW BOX program the installation received a new podium. Up side down is a research on the space between two generations of artists, both focussing on ‘ready made’ elements in their works. The installation was originally commissioned by Stichting KOP.
until 27 Nov
SHOW BOX # 23 by Giorgio Gasco & Gianmaria Della Ratta DIGITAL MUSES: virtual intimacy through the eyes of a designer. (Westzeedijk 375, Galerie Lecq)
until 14 Jan'21
SHOWBOX # 22 STACII SAMIDIN - Mathenesserweg 211
On the windows of former Cafe Ooms at the Mathenesserweg Stacii Samidin presents some of his newest photography. On the 12th of September we open the presentation to the public. The art works will be shown until mid October.
until 14 Nov
SHOWBOX # 21 NOEL DEELEN (VENOUR) - Mathenesserweg 203
new 3D painting/installation by Noel Deelen. At Mathenesserweg 203 the Rotterdam based illustrator presents a painting/installation in which he portraits the people he encounters in his life daily. The art work runs until the end of October and is visible 24/7 from the street.
until 14 Nov
SHOWBOX # 20 NAAMLOOZZ - Mathenesserweg 205
We conclude two months of experimenting with past-up techniques by Rotterdam based Naamloozz. The artist created a now layers thick artwork on the store front window of Mathenesserweg 205. On the 5th we officially end this process with a celebration and final presentation that will run until the end of October. From the 5th on we will present the full process on our website. The art work runs until the end of October and is visible 24/7 from the street.
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