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Garage Rotterdam

Goudsewagenstraat 27 3011 RH Rotterdam
Wed - Sun 12.30 - 17.30

26 Jan-7 Apr
‘NO DANCING ALLOWED / 2’ – group exhibition curated by Bogomir Doringers Artists: Chiara Baldini, Luiz Felipe Lucas, Giorgi Kikonishvili, Rafael Kozdron, Collectivo LASTESIS, Mariana Luiza, Clémence Mira, Naja Orashvili, Selma Selman, Anton Shebetko, bambi van balen.
28 Apr-7 Jul
'Identity Flux' curated by Nadine van den Bosch. Artists: Salim Bayri, BSDWCORP., Juno Calypso, Elise Ehry & Kitty Maria van Ekeren, Valentina Gal and Līga Spunde.
17 Jul-23 Aug
Summer programme: multidisciplinary artist Ines Borovac will show her performance "Why won't you date me?" every evening. On 9, 11, 13 and 15 August, Garage Rotterdam will make place for the Restore-rant by artists Michelle Woods and Anne Kluytenaar, a social initiative part of the project Carpool. On Friday the 23rd of August, the front space of Garage Rotterdam will be transformed into a dynamic movie set, a project by artist Jacob van der Zwan, poet Anne Vegter and videographer Shefali van der Zwan. Activities
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