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Witte de Withstraat 29 - 31 3012 BL Rotterdam
Wed - Sun 13.00 - 18.00
Fri 13.00 - 21.00

throughout Mar & Apr
'Zero Emissions by 2099' – an immersive, multi-sensory journey, exploring the entanglements between technology, ideology and popular culture, encouraging visitors to examine the seemingly unavoidable role of technology and ideology in shaping the future. This exhibition will contain radical future propositions in the form of installations, video works, writings and interactive AI generated art. – Programmed by Mary Ponomareva.

With artists Chris Kore, Sofia Crespo x Entangled Others, Cristal De La Cruz, Nazanin Karimi, Liminal Vision, Rosalie Wammes, Spyros Drosopoulos/Barutti, Louisa Teichmann and Noemi Biro.
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