A modern and contemporary art collection with local presence.


Every Thursday a different artwork.


Every Friday a new artwork.


Sculpture Garden - open air exhibition


Discover the collection of Het Industriegebouw

Every Saturday

‘Wall : Painting’ - group exhibition

from 22 Jan

Inner City | Suburb – Stories from the Neighbourhood

until 28 Jan

'The Mythical Landscape' - Lars van den Brink

until 28 Jan

‘Wonderful Things’ – Tim Walker

until 29 Jan

‘Cruising’ – group exhibition

until 29 Jan

IFFR: SEMICONDUCTOR - Spectral Constellations

until 5 Feb

IFFR: Immersive Media - Night Creatures

until 5 Feb

'Common Ground' – Alexandra Roozen

until 11 Feb

Drawn: Rotterdam! They murdered my home

until 12 Feb

‘Het ongelijke van hetzelfde’ - Klaas Gubbels

until 12 Feb

'Zoals het Klokje Tikt' - Tahné Kleijn

until 12 Feb


until 12 Feb

'Rotterdam' - Peter Angermann

until 12 Feb

‘Touch Me, To See Us’ by Giovanni Maisto Ferreira

until 19 Feb

‘Material Memory’ – group exhibition

until 19 Feb

‘Orchestrating Coincidence’ – Liza Wolters & Hilde Onis.

until 25 Feb

‘Play’ – Cindy Bakker

until 26 Feb

ECOSYSTEM – Sharon Jane D & Tarona

until 28 Feb

‘TRASH FLOWERS’ – Stephen j Shanabrook

until 4 Mar

'CA$H ‘23; Buy Art Now!’ – group exhibition

until 4 Mar

‘There is no party so noisy as the one you’re not invited to’ – group exhibition

until 5 Mar

Represented Artists - group show

until 11 Mar

'Same Same, But Different' - group show

until 25 Mar

Hal 2: 'In the Black Fantastic'

until 9 Apr

Hal 4: Women's Palette 1900 - 1950

until 10 Apr

‘Hafiz’ – Sabiha Çimen

until 7 May

'Still Shifting, Mother Field' - Jennifer Tee

until 21 May

'Soft Destructions' - Anna Witt

until 8 Oct

'Soliloquy' - Tromarama

until 8 Oct

The Last Terminal: Reflections on the Coming Apocalypse, Part 5: Vibrato

until 31 Dec'23

The Energy Show

until 5 Mar’24

‘Designing the Social’ - 100 years of idiosyncratic living

until 7 Jul’24

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