A modern and contemporary art collection with local presence.


Every Thursday a different artwork.


Sculpture Garden - open air exhibition


publications, editions and presentations

throughout 2021

Maike Hemmers

until 27 Nov

'Searching for Connection' part II with Mondays Collective

until 28 Nov

GEM Z: The Farthest from Earth We’ve Ever Been

until 30 Nov

'Room to Live' - Leslie Nagel and David Powell

until 4 Dec

Observations From Dwelling, part 2

until 4 Dec

‘Who Wants to Live in a World Without Magic?’ - group show

until 5 Dec

‘Ghost Island’ – Lisandro Suriel

until 5 Dec

Maria Pask: Zandra Rhodes’ Bedroom; A Room to Read Auden

until 5 Dec

‘Polychromie Architecturale’ – Lisette Schumacher

until 11 Dec

‘Master Writer’ - group show

until 17 Dec

Wilma Kuil / Pieter Kusters

until 19 Dec

‘(R)EVOLUTION’ - group exhibition

until 2 Jan'22

‘Magnetic North’ - Canada in Painting 1910-1940

until 9 Jan'22

'Vocal Motifs' - Alia Alia

until 9 Jan'22

‘Deep in Vogue’ - cellebrating ballroom culture

until 9 Jan'22

‘Het landschap dat ik ken’ - Vivian Ammerlaan

until 15 Jan'22

'Buddies' - group exhibition

until 15 Jan'22

'I've got a suitcase of memories that I almost left behind, Time after time' - group exhibition

until 15 Jan'22

‘The Journey’ - the final exhibition of De Ketelfactory

until 16 Jan'22

'Worlds between Words' - group exhibition

until 16 Jan'22

‘Drummies’ by the photographer Alice Mann

until 23 Jan'22

'A Slippery Slope' - group exhibition

until 23 Jan'22

'Joined An Avalanche, Never To Be Alone Again' – Carlos Irijalba

until 23 Jan'22

SHOW BOX#40 – Amerentske Koopman

until 5 Feb'22

World as Lover, World as Self Chapter 4

until 15 Mar'22

On Constant: New Babylon

until 20 Mar'22

Iris Kensmil: Some of My Souls

until 20 Mar'22

Jasmine Thomas-Girvan: Bathed in Sacred Fire

until 20 Mar'22


until 20 Mar'22

Rotterdam Cultural Histories #20

until 20 Mar'22

Temporary House of Home

until 15 May’22

‘Calder Now’ - group exhibition

until 29 May'22

MVRDVHNI: The Living Archive of a Studio

until 4 Sep’22

‘Designing the Social’ - 100 years of idiosyncratic living

until 7 Jul’24

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