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29 Mar - 11 Jul

30 Jun - 4 Jul

Every Thursday a different artwork.


A modern and contemporary art collection with local presence.


Sculpture Garden - open air exhibition


publications, editions and presentations

throughout 2021

Artist books and ongoing program


‘Moving’ – Freerk Wilbers

until 19 Jun

Jaime Levinas / Livia Huang

until 3 Jul

(real) humans -group exhibition

until 4 Jul

'Joined Narratives' work of the young filmmakers

until 4 Jul

‘Hibernation’ – Sander van Wettum

until 4 Jul

‘Nostalgia for a new lockdown’ – Dirk van Lieshout

until 5 Jul

'RETICULUM' - Jake Kelly / Miroslav Cukovic

until 10 Jul

'Stoneware for a Dwelling' - group show

until 10 Jul

‘Rollable Ramblings’ – Koen Taselaar

until 10 Jul

‘Garden State’ - group exhibition

until 11 Jul

'alles gaat door' - Frans van Lent

until 11 Jul

Ken’ichiro Taniguchi – solo exhibition

until 16 Jul

'Entanglement in the Anthropodreamscene' - curated by Silvia B.

until 17 Jul

‘Nou En’ – Daan den Houter

until 10 Jul

‘A-UN’ – Roosmarijn Pallandt

until 25 Jul

‘Trade Winds in the Age of Underwater Currents’ - three exhibitions

until 8 Aug


until 15 Aug

Hal 1: ‘Youthquake. The Desire for Eternal Youth’

until 22 Aug

Dolf Henkes Prijs ‘21

until 22 Aug

Sasha Huber, a solo exhibition

until 22 Aug

Simon Fujiwara, new work

until 22 Aug

Garden: Regula Maria Müller

until 3 Sep

Project Room: KAPPISTEN

until 3 Sep

Hal 4: ‘Brined herring, red beet’ - Ineke Hans and Erik Mattijssen

until 5 Sep

Hal 6: Kunsthal Light #24 - Marleen Sleeuwits

until 5 Sep

Rotterdam Cultural Histories # 19

until 9 Sep

World as Lover, World as Self: Chapter 3 with Geo Wyeth

until 9 Sep

Hal 5: ‘This is Hallstatt, kein Museum!’ - Hans Wilschut

until 26 Sep

Hal 2: ‘We Are Animals’

until 24 Oct


until 20 Mar 2022

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