Het Nieuwe Instituut Online programme


Every Thursday a different artwork.


‘Tulpen-Minded’ - Regula Maria Müller

until 21 Aug

‘The Day After Tomorrow’ - group exhibition

until 21 Aug

‘(UN)CERTAINTY' - group exhibition

until 22 Aug

Antye Guenther - solo exhibition

until 23 Aug

‘Grenouille du Sang’ - a group exhibition

until 23 Aug

Group exhibition - explores the immigration of form

until 23 Aug

Alia Farid, a solo exhibition

until 23 Aug

Adriano Amaral, new work

until 23 Aug

G/D THYSELF: Spirit Strategy On Raising Free Black Children

until 23 Aug

‘The Hoodie’ - exhibition and extensive activity programme.

until 23 Aug

‘Bold Head With Tongue’ - Andrea Éva Győri

until 29 Aug

‘The Opulent temple of the lost paradise’ - Marie Pop

until 29 Aug

Jan de Bruin and Monika Dahlberg

until 29 Aug


until Aug

‘holding a fish to avoid sinking’ - Eva Spierenburg

until 12 Sep

'Fictioning Comfort' - group exhibition

until 13 Sep

‘The Visual Life of Social Affliction’ - group show

until 27 Sep

‘The Whole World Is Turning’ - Adam Patterson

until 27 Sep

Group show with all our artists

until Sep

'Let’s Get Physical' - sculpture route

until 4 Oct

‘(Un)real’ - group exhibition

until 29 Nov

Extra large: Picasso, Le Corbusier, Bourgeois

until 3 Jan

Gijs Bakker & K. Schippers: Basics in Sonneveld House

until 10 Jan

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