A modern and contemporary art collection with local presence.


Every Thursday a different artwork.


Sculpture Garden - open air exhibition


Discover the collection of Het Industriegebouw

Every Saturday

'Verboden Landschap' – Hans Jungerius

until 30 Jun

‘Face Your Fears’ – Sophia Tabatadze, Nona Otarashvili-Becher

until end Jun

'Hardware & Industrieelektronik' – Maurice Meewisse

until 2 Jul

‘Shop Around’ - Ruud Goedhart

until 2 Jul

‘(R)EVOLUTION’ - group exhibition

until 3 Jul

'Flesh and Flowers' – Célio Braga

until 4 Jul

'For What It's Worth' - group exhibition

until 10 Jul

Preta Wolzak and Pieter W. Postma

until 16 Jul


until 16 Jul

‘Yell.Oh’ - group show

until 17 Jul

‘Ass-Works’ – Eleye Boerenkamps

until 17 Jul

Christie van der Haak – solo exhibition

until 24 Jul

‘Nakba means a lot to me’ – Gil & Moti

until 24 Jul

'De straat en het struikgewas' - Armando

until 30 Jun

‘Off the Record’ - Erkan Özgen

until 2 Aug

In Search of the Pluriverse

until 7 Aug

MINOR, curated by Studio Verter

until 13 Aug

The Podium: a spectacular platform on institute’s roof.

until 17 Aug

‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ - Jochem Esser

until 20 Aug

Ane Graff: The Wound in Its Entanglements

until 21 Aug

‘Art Libary to go’ – Nubuko Hayashi

until 21 Aug

Ayesha Hameed: Brown Atlantis

until 21 Aug

Nokukhanya Langa: A Downward Spiral Is A Loaded Spring

until 21 Aug

Alma Heikkilä: semipermeable & sensitive

until 21 Aug

Maike Hemmers: This Deep Becomes Palpable

until 21 Aug

‘Throw like a girl’ - Maja Bekan

until 28 Aug

'Under the Skin' - Claude Cahun

until 28 Aug

The Last Terminal: Reflections on the Coming Apocalypse. Part 4

until end Aug

‘Tussen passie en noodzaak - Een hommage aan Nelius Faling’ - group exhibition

until 3 Sep

MVRDVHNI: The Living Archive of a Studio

until 4 Sep

‘Tunneling’ - group exhibition

until 11 Sep

‘Shine Heroes’ – Federico Estol

until 11 Sep

‘Hunger’ – a multidisciplinary exhibition

until 19 Sep

‘Here We Are’– Women in Design 1900-today

until 30 Oct

A Door A Jar, Singing with Alexandra Phillips, Lee Kit

until 13 Jan'23

‘Designing the Social’ - 100 years of idiosyncratic living

until 7 Jul’24

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