Half-yearly art event in South-Rotterdam

12-14 Nov

Citywide open studios

25 & 26 Sep

A modern and contemporary art collection with local presence.


Every Thursday a different artwork.


Sculpture Garden - open air exhibition


publications, editions and presentations

throughout 2021

‘This is Hallstatt, kein Museum!’ – Hans Wilschut

until 26 Sep

‘Master Writer’ - group show

until 30 Sep

‘Passages en passant’ – Rachel Carey & Barbara Helmer

until 1 Oct

‘(Be)kijk het maar’– Janine Schrijver

until 1 Oct

'Merkwaardige Machinaties' - Axel and Helena van der Kraan

until 3 Oct

‘The Great Invocation’ - group show

until 7 Oct

Ties Ten Bosch/Jan ten Have

until 9 Oct

Atelier Nelly and Theo van Doesburg

until 10 Oct

‘The value of art’, a project by Kevin Kristiaan

until 10 Oct

‘Multiples of one’ – Donald Schenkel

until 16 Oct

‘The Cabinet of the Psychopomp’– Truc Anh

until 16 Oct

'Observations From Dwelling' – group exhibition

until 16 Oct

‘Departures’ - group show

until 21 Oct

SHOW BOX#38 – Kees Westervelt

until 22 Oct

Hal 2: ‘We Are Animals’

until 24 Oct

'Home Video' – Gyz La Rivière

until 30 Oct

‘The Brain Mixologist’– group show

until 31 Oct

‘Sin Fronteras’ – outsider Art from Mexico

until 7 Nov

SHOW BOX#39 – Marjolein Witte

until 13 Nov

‘Het landschap dat ik ken’ - Vivian Ammerlaan

until 14 Nov

World as Lover, World as Self Chapter 4

until 15 Mar'22


until 20 Mar 2022

Temporary House of Home

until 29 May’24

‘Designing the Social’ - 100 years of idiosyncratic living

until 7 Jul’24

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