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ACR XL Season Opening Art Weekend

13-15 September

Every Thursday a different artwork.

from Thursdays

‘Fall Higher’ – Koen Delaere

until 25 Jul

'ZIT, BID, WERK' - group exhibition

until 28 Jul

'CROOKED TEETH' - Simon Schrikker

until 28 Jul

Nanna van Hees, Joep Brouwer, Magre Steensma and Barbara Helmer

until 28 Jul

‘Always Thinking Like A Scrim’ – Part 2

until 11 Aug

‘Portals’ - interactive exhibition

until 18 Aug

‘Interbellum’, group exhibition

until 18 Aug

Current Traces #01 | Streets, Sounds, Shades

until 18 Aug

‘Dutch Vacation’ – a group exhibition

until 25 Aug

Wild Summer of Art 2024

until 25 Aug

Caroline Coolen & Luis Xertu

until 26 Aug

'Wasteland - Tunnel Rats' - group exhibition

until 31 Aug

Summer Exhibition

until 31 Aug

Eva Krause – Arie van Geest – Martijn te Winkel

until 31 Aug

My Oma - group exhibition

until 1 Sep

'What goes down, must come up' – a group exhibition

until 7 Sep

‘Yes to All’ – Sylvie Fleury

until 8 Sep

Richard Avedon–Relationships

until 6 Oct

Nature of Hope - 11th International Architecture Biennale

until 13 Oct

40 Years Summer Carnival

until 13 Oct

‘Verwoest Huis’ by Marjan Teeuwen

until 21 Nov

A modern and contemporary art collection with local presence.


Sculpture Garden - open air exhibition


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