Launch program

27 Jan | 3 Feb | 10 Feb - 8 pm

platform for talented young artists



30 Jun - 4 Jul

Every Thursday a different artwork.


A modern and contemporary art collection with local presence.


‘Successor’ – Riette Wanders - solo show

extended until March

publications, editions and presentations

until further notice

Amparo Sard – solo exhibition

until further notice

Gijs Bakker & K. Schippers: Basics in Sonneveld House

until 10 Jan (extended until 11 Apr)

‘On collective care & togetherness’ - group exhibition

until 10 Jan (extended)

Hal 6: Kunsthal Light #23 – Thomas Trum

until 10 Jan (extended)

‘Inexistent books’ – presentation of books which do not (yet) exist

until 10 Jan (extended)

@Rijnhoutplein: ‘PrintRoom’s Temporary Take Away’

until 10 Jan (extended)

Kunstfenster: Hanne Lange

until 11 Jan (extended)

Liviu Bulea and Ferdows Faghir

until 16 Jan (extended)

‘Water Saus’ – Lili Huston-Herterich and Ash Kilmartin

until 23 Jan

‘UX, User Experience, U and X’ – Brenda Tempelaar

until 24 Jan

‘Memories of Tomorrow’ – group exhibition

until 30 Jan

‘YES, there will be singing in Dark Times’ - Lydia Schouten

until 31 Jan (postponed)

‘A New Order, A New Earth’– group exhibition

until 7 Feb

Patricia Kaersenhout – solo exhibition

until March (extended)

Hal 4: ‘For Your Eyes Only’ – photo exhibition

until 7 Feb

'Optimism’ – group exhibition

until 7 Feb

'I'm Going to Keep Looking at You‘ – Shertise Solano

until 12 Feb

World as Lover, World as Self - exhibition series

until 13 Feb

Hal 4: Drawn: Rotterdam!

until 14 Feb

Kapwani Kiwanga, new work

until 14 Feb

Michael Stevenson, a solo exhibition

until 14 Feb

Christian Vinck, new work

until 21 Feb

Usha Seejarim, a solo exhibition

until 21 Feb

Rotterdam Cultural Histories #18

until 21 Feb

‘Wat ik je nog wilde zeggen’ - group exhibition

until 28 Feb

'The Travelling Hand’ – Gayatri Kodikal

until 28 Feb

'Joined Narratives' work of the young filmmakers

until 28 Feb

Art on Display 1949-69

until 7 Mar


until 11 Apr

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