A modern and contemporary art collection with local presence.


Every Thursday a different artwork.


Sculpture Garden - open air exhibition


Discover the collection of Het Industriegebouw

Every Saturday

Publisher–In–Residence: Czar Kristoff (PHL)


Exhibition work by Gerco de Ruijter

until 28 Sep

Atelier van Zuid - Jake Caleb

until 30 Sep

POP UP Exhibition: '1976: Search for Life'

until 1 Oct

'Wey Dey Move' - Dele Adeyemo

until 8 Oct

‘LA XX NL’ - group show

until 15 Oct

‘Wrapping Nothing’ – Elsemarijn Bruys

until 16 Oct

‘along along’ by Ratri Notosudirdjo

until 16 Oct

Jadranka Njegovan – solo exhibition

until 16 Oct

‘Tunneling’ - group exhibition

until 21 Oct

‘Het nieuwe werk / The new work’ by Karel Appel

until 22 Oct

‘F.A.T.A.L. Legacy’ – MOMU & NO ES

until 22 Oct

‘ALL IS NOT LOST’ - Simone Bennett

until 23 Oct

‘HIGH / LOW’ – Jan Kuhlemeier

until 29 Oct

‘Here We Are’– Women in Design 1900-today

until 30 Oct

‘The Big Homely Space’ - group exhibition

until 30 Oct

#Waterweggers - Vincent Dekkers & Florine van Rees

until 31 Oct

‘Stillevend’ - Marjorie Lutter, Hans Hartman

until 5 Nov

'Horizon, Interrupted' - group show

until 6 Nov

‘Inner Thoughts’ – Lise Sore

until 6 Nov

Alexandra Navratil / de Onkruidenier

until 6 Nov

Expanded Exhibition: A Door A Jar, Singing

until 12 Nov

‘Night Watch’ – Paulius Šliaupa

until 13 Nov

Pablo Castañeda: Border Autofictions

until 31 Dec

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz: The Navel of the Dream

until 31 Dec

Sam Samiee: A Garden of Clouds

until 31 Dec

‘Designing the Social’ - 100 years of idiosyncratic living

until 7 Jul’24

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