Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, museums, galleries and art venues follow the guidelines set by RIVM, which means all exhibition openings, events, Art Index walks and tours until the 6th April have been cancelled or postponed to a later date. Please check the venue’s website for more information.
2 Apr | Thu | 19.30
Thursday Night Live - Conversation with artist the Bogomir Doringer, in which he will discuss surveillance, fear, lust, and temptation, and his contribution to the exhibition 'Hoodie'.
5 Apr | Sun | 15.00
VIRTUAL PLEASURES is a virtual sales exhibition. The opening will be streamed live on Facebook. Opening words by Hugo Bongers. After that the artworks can be seen online on the website of HOMMES, kunst en projecten.
5 Apr | Sun | 10.30 - 11.30
Sunday Morning with the Absent Body
Wissel 966: Gerben Hermanus who makes a virtue of necessity, he stamped on 200 sheets of toilet paper with a small template made from the tube HOOP. Hope is for sale for 5 euros, Help Gerben through the spring. Follow the link to read more about it in Shufflemagazine.
'ANIMALIA Online' > watch the video of Sema Bekirovic, The Others (2008-2011) - part of 'ANIMALIA' group exhibition
‘Bold Head With Tongue’ - Andrea Éva Győri
Have a look at the webshop of PHOEBUS Rotterdam!
‘Utopia Redux’ - Carly Rose Bedford - winner of MK Award - solo show - Watch an interview with Carly about the value of art, bodies and artificial realities here.
ARCHIVE: On Friday 15 November, 2019, illustrator, cartoonist and screenwriter Wilbert Plijnaar was a special guest at the Comic (f) Luister audio tour of Art Index Rotterdam. Plijnaar is known as a co-author of Sjors & Sjimmie and Claire, but also as a screenwriter for Despicable Me and Ice Age. He also portrayed his aunt, the well-known jazz musician Rita Reys, on the Oude Binnenweg for the Jazz Route R'JAM.
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