Every Thursday a different artwork.


'Let’s Get Physical' - sculpture route

until 4 Oct

‘not unseen’ – group exhibition

until 3 Oct

‘The RETURN’ over ‘tijd’ n.a.v. ‘covid-19’ – group exhibition

until 4 Oct

Diederick van Kleef and Mike Ottink

until 10 Oct

Tracy Hanna and Kari Robertson

until 10 Oct

Gary Fredriksen and Wendy Letven

until 17 Oct

Petra Barfs / Lana Mesic

until 18 Oct

Lisette Schumacher and Saïd Kinos

until 24 Oct


until end Oct

'Meatware Ecosystem II.' - Robert Roest

until Oct

SHOWBOX # 22 STACII SAMIDIN (Mathenesserweg 211)

until mid Oct

SHOWBOX # 20 NAAMLOOZZ - (Mathenesserweg 205)

until end Oct

SHOWBOX # 21 NOEL DEELEN (VENOUR) - (Mathenesserweg 203)

until end Oct

‘The total scab-free solidarity and..' – group exhibition

until 1 Nov

Display – new Publishing Window by Nicole Martens and invited guest

until 1 Nov

'Film Stills from 214322' - Aimée Zito Lema

until 7 Nov

‘Rites of passage’ – Nina van de Ven

until 8 Nov

Natalia Grezina / Samuele Canestrari

until 8 Nov

‘Heavy Metal Parking Lot’– group exhibition

until 8 Nov

‘In and Out of the Frame’ – group exhibition

until 14 Nov

'Behind the Day' - Lars van den Brink

until 21 Nov

‘(Un)real’ - group exhibition

until 29 Nov

‘Dragon of the White’ - Guus Rijven

until 20 Dec

unique programme including publications, editions, exhibitions

throughout 2020

Extra large: Picasso, Le Corbusier, Bourgeois

until 3 Jan

Gijs Bakker & K. Schippers: Basics in Sonneveld House

until 10 Jan

Michiel Huijben, new work

until 17 Jan

A presentation with works by...

until 17 Jan

Kapwani Kiwanga, new work

until 14 Feb

Michael Stevenson, a solo exhibition

until 14 Feb

Christian Vinck, new work

until 21 Feb

Usha Seejarim, a solo exhibition

until 21 Feb

Rotterdam Cultural Histories #18

until 21 Feb


until 11 Apr

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