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ACR XL Season Opening Art Weekend

13-15 September

Every Thursday a different artwork.

from Thursdays

Simon Benson / Regula Maria Müller

until 22 Jun

Felix Burger, solo exhibition

until 23 Jun

Marcos Kueh & Emmy van de Grift

until 23 Jun

Wahaj Banimefleh (PS) Photo Exhibition

until 23 Jun

'mijn werk gaat over werk' – Harry Sengers (1948-2015)

until 29 Jun

'Ornaments for Venus' – Kalliopi Lemos

until 30 Jun

'de kleur van emotie' – Aline Thomassen

until 30 Jun

Maaike Gottschal - Astrid de Pauw - Willem Besselin

until 30 Jun

‘Zoötropia’ - group exhibition

until 28 Jun

'A Suspicion of a Drawing' by Micha Patiniott

until 29 Jun

75B – Fiddling around

until 30 Jun

‘Home on earth’ - Mark Janssen

until 30 Jun

‘La poésie d’été’ – group exhibition

until 30 Jun

Hulya Yilmaz, Sigrid Calon, Maike Hemmers

until 30 Jun

'LOST'– an Instalation by Netty van Osch

until 30 Jun

ARCHIPELAGO the 16th edition of 004 collective´s exhibitions

until 30 Jun

Summershow with various artists

until 30 Jun

‘Designing the Social’ - 100 years of idiosyncratic living

until 7 Jul

'Identity Flux' - group exhibition

until 7 Jul

'Tell Me Where You Are Really From'- group exhibition

until 7 Jul

'BELOW THE SURFACE' - Pim Palsgraaf

until 6 Jul

Kari Robertson / iovermorgen / Omid Kheirabadi

until 13 Jul

‘Subtly Sculptural’ – group exhibitions

until 14 Jul

Hester Scheurwater / Jake Kelly

until 20 Jul

'The Lips of History' - group exhibition

until 21 Jul

‘Fall Higher’ – Koen Delaere

until 25 Jul

'ZIT, BID, WERK' - group exhibition

until 28 Jul

‘Always Thinking Like A Scrim’ – Part 2

until 11 Aug

‘Portals’ - interactive exhibition

until 18 Aug

‘Dutch Vacation’ – a group exhibition

until 25 Aug

'Wasteland - Tunnel Rats' - group exhibition

until 31 Aug

My Oma - group exhibition

until 1 Sep

‘Yes to All’ – Sylvie Fleury

until 8 Sep

Richard Avedon–Relationships

until 6 Oct

‘Verwoest Huis’ by Marjan Teeuwen

until 21 Nov

A modern and contemporary art collection with local presence.


Sculpture Garden - open air exhibition


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